DSR offers a complete range of valuation as well as special valuations tailored to specific client requirements. We undertake the valuation of all types of property including land and building, plant and machinery and business valuation. The valuation is conducted for any purposes such as financing, refinancing, bad debt, business, insurance, mortgages, rental, development or re-use, dispute settlements, sales and purchases. We do valuation also for management purposes such as initial public offerings, right issues, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations. Although valuation requirements are as diverse as our client base, we offer each client the same high standard of service characterized by sound judgement, objectivity and confidentiality. We are bound by the rules and regulations of international standard, International Valuation Standard Committee (IVSC), The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as well as local regulation of Indonesia s Valuation Standard (Standar Penilaian Indonesia) and Ethic Code of Indonesia s Valuation (Kode Etik Penilaian Indonesia).


Property valuation :
include in this service is valuation of land, building, and property attached on it, for any types of property such as commercial building, residential or real estate.
Plant & Machinery Valuation :
For this special valuation, we provide consultant expertise in machinery and equipment :
  • Insurance valuations of building, plant and equipment
  • Financial and market valuations for balance sheet, sale, merger or acquisition,
  • Disposals by auctions, tender and private treaty,
  • Special advisers to finance companies and
  • Capital allowance and industrial building allowance advices.
Business Valuation : :
We also provide valuation of business such as share valuation for any management purposes such as right issues, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations.
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